Author: Mary Shelley; Publication: 1837

In this three-volume novel, set in multiple countries across Europe, Mary Shelley grapples with one man’s guilt and his attempt to resolve it by adopting a young orphan girl.

Ghost and No Ghost

Author: Unknown; Publication: 1804

In this chapbook published with “Somerset Castle” but by an unknown author, a story of romance and adultery meets murderers, mysteries, and more.

Rose Sommerville

Author: Ellen T.; Publication: 1846

A tale of love, murder, and regret, this novel published by Edward Lloyd revolves around an innocent, beautiful girl marrying a man who has a very dark past.


Author: Ellen T.; Publication: 1847

A tale of two sisters and intersecting love stories that cross societal boundaries, this book follows romances that ultimately lead to madness, disparity, and fatality.

The Female Bluebeard

Author: Eugene Sue; Publication: 1845

In this Eugène Sue novel, the Female Bluebeard is believed to have killed her past three husbands and now has three lovers: a pirate captain, a hide dealer, and a cannibal.