The Black Forest

Author: Unknown; Publication: 1802

In this deceivingly short story—borrowed almost entirely from “The Cavern of Death” and with a complicated publication history—love, secrets, mystery, and murder abound.

Oswick, The Bold Outlaw

Author: Unknown; Publication: 1802

In this tale of violence, manipulation, and deceit, an outlaw attempts to evade capture and his destined fate. Will poetic justice be served or will evil continue to reign?

Manfredi; or, The Mysterious Hermit

Author: Unknown; Publication: c. 1790s

A plagiarism of Sarah Lansdell’s “Manfredi, Baron St. Osmund,” this chapbook features romance, betrayal, and an Italian hermit who is more courageous and honorable than he seems.

The Three Ghosts of the Forest

Author: Unknown; Publication: 1803

In this authorless chapbook, jealousy, secrecy, kidnapping, and murder erupt as Orlando pursues romance with Isabella, Octavia, and Adela—three sisters.